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World Economic Forum

Sebastian Buckup

Head of Global Programming Group

On behalf of the team I wanted to thank you again for all the thought and hard work you put into making our team retreat so meaningful and special. We very much appreciated your skilful facilitation and loved the insightful and inspiring art and performance interjections. Now the ball is in our court to keep the spirit of these two days and go deeper on the topics discussed.

(Creative Facilitation with Allister Kindingstad)


Pål M. Rødseth

Chief Executive Officer

If you need someone with creativity and business understanding shaping your visual identify, look no further. We were lucky to work with Sissel in shaping our new visual identity and I can highly recommend anyone who are thinking along those lines to hire Sissel. 

Hotel Continental

Elisabeth Brochmann


Hotel Continental and Theatercaféen has hired Sissel on various designprojects. She is throughout creative, at the same time she has the ability to listen and capture our wishes. I would also emphasize Sissel strong collaboration capabilities. I can recommend her strongly.

Allister Kindingstad

Opera for Dummies


Sissel combines brilliant skills of graphics with business strategy and thorough analysis in her design work, giving excellent results both visually and functionally.

VIEW group

Gjermund Bratlie


VIEW Group har i perioden 2015/2016 arbeidet med rebranding av sin profil. Dette arbeidet har innbefattet utarbeidelse av ny logo, hjemmesider, profilhåndbok, profil på kontrakts og salgsmateriell samt utsmykning av kontorlokaler.  Fokuset i denne prosessen har hele tiden vært kundens opplevelse av selskapets tjenesteleveranse og selskapets ønske om å spisse sitt budskap ut i markedet. Sissel Hovden har i denne prosessen vært en sentral bidragsyter ved utformingen av konsernets logo samt å formidle selskapets identitet og konsepter gjennom form og farger. Hun har i sin uttrykksform klart å skape en bro mellom praktisk hverdag og konsernets langsiktige strategi. Vi kan gi våre beste anbefalinger.

Implement Consulting Group

Ingrid Asphjell Di Meo

Management Consultant

 I have cooperated with Sissel on several projects, developing concepts, tools and communication in connection with implementation of vision, values, leadership principles, strategies, leadership programmes etc. It is always an inspiring pleasure, as Sissel has the unique ability to both understand the strategic context and customer needs, as well as creating strong visual identity with communicative power. Besides, she is a very pleasant and energetic person that has great integrity and authority in what she is doing. Sissel delivers, always.

Cinclus Invest

Cathrine Kaasen Conradi


We worked with Designstory to refresh both the image and content of the IT Consult logo, web sites, Powerpoint presentations and so on. We were very pleased with both the process and result, and experienced Sissel as creative, flexible and efficient.

Colours AS

Catharina Wedel Jarlsberg

CEO, Oslo office

Sissel has been an important team member in the project for Petroleum GeoService. She is experienced and possesses strategic skills valuable to this project. She is also a committed and inspiring person and is a pleasure to work with.